2018 - 2020 Officers

Wayne Johnson

Vice Chair
Joe Kraft

Mike Preciado

Dave Arms
Ph. (510) 568-8372

Board Of Directors

Mike Ballard         (Director at Large)
Marty Rosson       (Director at Large)
Richard Seals       (Director at Large)
Allison Wright       (Director at Large)
Graham Thomas  (Education Chair)

Web Master

Bob Ganch
RTG Web Designs
(925) 787-3200

ASNT Tribute

Golden Gate Section

The success of the Golden Gate Section can be attributed to the numerous volunteers that have helped make us a viable and healthy nonprofit organization over the many years of existence.   A big thank you to all our volunteers and members!

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Message from the GG ASNT Chair  (excerpt from the 2019 calendar):

"Hello Section members and friends. Thank you for taking the time to read this Yearbook. We welcome everyone to be an active participant in our
community. Our meetings are a nice social event with an interesting mix of folks from diverse backgrounds and talents. Come and join us anytime.

We are moving into a new meeting year and wrapping up the last one. For the past two years Mike Ballard has done an adequate job as the Section
Chair and he helped keep us active. Running a Section always takes more time then you think it should and it can be a challenge in addition to a full
time job. Mike handled the job well and has been a great asset to the group. We should really appreciate all that he has done for us.

Last Spring we revived our annual golf tournament and all those who participated had a great time out. Fred Necochea took care of the details and
ran a really fun event at Los Positas golf course in Livermore. Everyone that played walked away with some new gear or gift certificate thanks to
our generous sponsors. We also resurrected Vendors Night this year in San Leandro at the 21st Amendment. We had great Vendor participation
and over 50 people in attendance. I would also like to extend a big Thank You to all of our event sponsors and attendees. Without you none of this
would be possible. Both events are going to happen again this year so mark the dates on your calendar.

We have a great selection of speakers from all over the country coming to our meetings this year. Joe Kraft has done a really great job of lining up
some really interesting technical topics. Take a look at the Calendar and pick a meeting or two to attend.

We would also like to express our thanks to QC NDT, Dave Arms, Dorothy and Cathy, for all of the time and effort in putting the Yearbook together
this year. Once again a fine job with the endless task of collecting all the ads and information.

Lastly, I would like to extend a personal invitation to each and every one of you to come to at least one Section meeting this year. Most folks have
no idea the amount of time it takes to plan and execute any one meeting. Not to mention the travel costs of our out of town speakers. Please show
us all a small token of your appreciation with your attendance."

Wayne Johnson
ASNT Golden Gate Section Chair